Kollect System is a leading technology provider of Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management Software Solutions. Kollect provides specific solutions to help its Customers focus on their clients, reduce arrears and optimize profits throughout their Revenue and Profitability Lifecycle. As experts in Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management, Kollect continuously brings enterprise level scalable software technologies to the doorstep of its Customers. This helps to reduce Arrears Delinquency, Bad Debt and Improve Tracking & Profitability. Kollect, being a MSC status and TUV Quality certified company has its global HQ in Malaysia and leverages on partners for regional presence in ASEAN, Asia South, Middle East and Africa. 

Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) awarded Kollect System Sdn Bhd (Profitera) the Certification of MSC Malaysia Capability Development Achievement for Kollect’s software –PowerApps, which is a comprehensive software solution for Revenue Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management. This certificate is given to resilient Malaysian companies who have maximized their potential through process improvements, technical product assessment and refined business management throughout the year. 

Kollect’s solutions provide rapid return on investments (ROI) as the solutions empower our customers such as Banks, Credit Card issuers, Asset Reconstruction companies, Telcos and Governments to realize better control of the outstanding amounts due to them in a highly effective manner. As there is a worldwide struggle to deal with the rising tide of bad debts and defaulting customers, organizations have to leverage innovative technology solutions to remedy these issues. This means that organizations must exploit and leverage specialized technologies of companies like Kollect System to overcome the exploding revenue collections and debt recovery issues at hand. Kollect is a specialist software technology company that focuses on increasing its customers'profitability by providing a sophisticated platform to automate the Collection, Debt Recovery and Agency Management processes.


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Each customer, (whether delinquent or not) has a significant “Economic Lifetime Value”. Therefore, companies need the right tools and platforms to manage debtors better, who are potentially profitable customers.

The proposition offered is called Kollect PowerApps which consist of several application modules, namely:
  • PowerCollect
  • PowerRecovery
  • PowerAgency
  • PowerReport
  • PowerCTI
  • PowerMessaging

PowerApps provide real-time Customer Interaction facilities which enable Profit Optimization of Receivables Collections and Debt Recovery automation. PowerApps scale from a few collectors working from a single location to thousands of collectors working in multiple locations, simultaneously with interfaces to the dialer, sms gateway and other interaction management technologies.

As experts in Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery management, Kollect continuously innovates and brings real-time scalable technology solutions to the doorstep of its customers to ultimately improve profitability.


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Partner & Alliances

Kollect leverages significantly on its partnerships with regional and local business partners to undertake the reselling of its proposition as part of a solution to the customers. The regions covered by Kollect’s business partners include:
  • ASEAN - Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand
  • Asia South – India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
  • Middle East – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, etc.
  • Africa – Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt.
  • Europe and other territories

Kollect has also established strong links with global technology and consulting providers. Some of them are as follows:



Kollect has many clients in the Asia which have engaged Kollect for a variety of projects of systems integration and other technology implementations. Some of the key clients of Kollect for Collection and Recovery are:


Kollect’s Innovations and Unique Value Propositions

Comprehensive capabilities in Collection, Recovery and Agency Management 

Standards based technology architecture
  • Java Components and Framework with N TierArchitecture
  • Standard Technologies – Java, XML andSQL
  • Operating Systems supported – Linux, Unix& Windows (LUW)
  • Databases supported – Oracle, SQL Server,DB2, PostgresSQL and MySQL
  • Webserver embedded in the application – no dependency onexternal webservers
  • Application Distribution & Deployment manager – Java WebStart
  • Unicode for multi languages is supported via XML configuration files
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is supported for Genesys, Aspect, Avaya ,Asterisk. Softphone is also available from Kollect, as integrated part of the application

Online integration to Host System

  • Real-time online interfaces to host systems for instant information access via PowerMessaging,an SOA enabled component which can run within PowerAppsor as an adaptor within Websphere Message Broker
  • Ready made online interface messages are available for Silverlake, Atos Cardlink, Ascend and other host systems

Workflow for Foreclosure and Litigation Management

  • Foreclosure management including the Auctioning process
  • Litigation management allows for legal case generation, tracking and closure

Innovative & Scalable Application Architecture - today!

  • Millions of Accounts and Customers supported by the application
  • Thousands of users - Collectors, Recovery officers, 3 party agencies and law firms
  • Behavior scoring engine with ready made scorecards to support predictive analytics in decision making
  • Dynamic Worklist and Treatment management processes
  • Business Rule Engine to support a more dynamic and easy to depict rules management platform
  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) Web 2.0 to support a rich dataset required by collections and recovery personnel daily for high speed access
  • Support very low bandwidth for remote site access via innovative real-time compression “on-the-wire” whereby only compressed data is transported between application server and desktop

Customizable Solution by Customer or Business Partner

  • Rapid configurability which allows for a speedier implementation and setup of the entire application
  • Customizability ease is a major strength, which allows the solution to be adapted to many different domains including Banking, Telco, Credit Cards, Auto, Bad Bank, Shariah,etc. Customizability is supported at many different levels of the application including GUI forms via GUI Builder, Metadata, Rules dictionary, Data transformation & loading, Workflow and reporting
  • Kollect data model is "Customer Centric" where all Accounts belonging to the same Customer are linked and visible in a customer tree component

Experienced Implementation Methodology

  • Ready made templates to support rapid implementation, while allowing for flexibility to adapt to specific customer’s environment in areas like requirements, customizations, testing and deployment.
  • Extensive test cases to support a more rapid QA process during the implementation cycle of the project.
  • Best practices of Collection and Recovery are recommended to the clients to be included to support their existing processes

Benefits of Kollect’s Proposition

There are many significant and tangible benefits that can be derived fromPowerApps. Some of the primary benefits are as follows:

  • Reduced Bad Debt significantly
  • Reduced Non-performing Accounts Receivables or Loans (NPL)
  • Reduced Provisions for Bad Debt
  • Reduced Risks for revenue realization
  • Reduced cost of collection
  • Reduced staff headcount as automation facilitates better handling of collection growth
  • Improved net flow rates
  • Improved cash flow and profitability
  • Improved number of “self cures” amongst delinquent customers via predictive behavior scoring at Account and Customer levels
  • Improved Foreclosure management and Legal litigation tracking system
  • Improved management of write-offs and write-backs
  • Improved performance tracking of internal staff and external 3 Party agencies and law firms
  • Improved management of the “Bad Bank”
  • Improved execution of Distressed debt management with better debt selling and buying tracking

PowerApps Comprehensive Data Model

PowerApps has a very comprehensive view of all the relationships that revolve around a customer and loans. The main elements are:
  • Borrower
  • Co-borrower
  • Guarantor
  • Reference
  • Collateral
  • Banker / Lender



PowerApps is a highly versatile set of software applications which can be used by various industries and organizations to automate the Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery processes. Some of them include:


Line of Business


  • Credit Cards
  • Auto Loans / Leasing
  • Loans / Mortgage
  • Shariah Loans
  • Insurance
  • Distressed Debt - Bad Bank
  • Collection and Recovery for Pre-NPL and Non-Performing Loans
  • Recovery - Loan Restructuring, Reschedulement, Remedial management, Visitation, Shortfall, Legal Management and Foreclosure management
  • Integration to Core Banking systems - CardLink, SemaCard, CardPro, Silverlake, Citel, Fidelity, Alltel, iFlex, Sungard, Misys, Fiserv and many more
  • 3rd Party Management - Legal, Outsourced Collection Agency, Reposession& Auction
  • Distressed debt buyers, loans rehabilitation restructuring and collateral disposal (ARC, ARM and Bad Bank)


  • Wireless
  • Wireline
  • ISP / Leased Line
  • Cable / Satellite TV
  • Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery for effective execution of the Revenue Assurance Lifecycle
  • Integration to Billing Systems, Service Provisioning, Fraud, Bulk Printing, Predictive Dialer, Bill Presentment & Payment and Call Center / CRM systems
  • Some of the hosts integration supported include: Amdocs, Convergys – Geneva, Kenan Arbor, Atos Origin – BSCS, Clarify, Siebel, Peoplesoft CRM, Avaya, Alcatel Genesys T-Server and many more


  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewage
  • Revenue Collections and Debt Recovery for effective Revenue Assurance Lifecycle
  • Integration to Billing Systems, Service Provisioning, Fraud, Bulk Printing, Predictive Dialer, Bill Presentment & Payment and Call Center / CRM systems
  • 3rd Party Management - Legal, Outsourced Collection Agency, Reposession& Auction.


  • Pension/Provident Fund
  • Tax Board
  • City and State Councils
  • Housing Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Revenue Collection & Enforcement Management
  • Legal Recovery – Civil & Criminal
  • Case Management Workflow & Policy Management
  • Arrears Assessment & Non-Compliance Detection
  • Treatment Actions (Visitations, Calls, Notices, etc)
  • Payment integration to financial systems
  • Integration with Call Center, Internet Portal, Imaging Document Management, Other Statutory Bodies or Government Departments etc.
  • 3rd Party Management - Legal, Outsourced Collection Agency, Reposession& Auction

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