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ACA International Partnership to introduce benefits for DAT Consultancy customers.

As of October 2010, DAT Consultancy has become associate partner of ACA International, the International Association for Credit and Collection Professionals. By joining the well-known and respected association, DAT Consultancy is confirming its goals to increase its international coverage and effectiveness while remaining a service orientated and responsible company.

Consequently, customers of DAT-Consultancy will benefit of the addition to ACA through an increased international network of esteemed organizations. With more resources and connections available to DAT, chances of successful debt recovery are bound to increase. Additionally, ACA stipulates clear and controllable ethical codes to the industry. If any complaints about DAT's proceedings might arise, ACA's ethical committee will be able to review them independently. Mr. van der Sande, CEO of DAT-Consultancy: "Not only are we proud to be part of such a professional organization, the ethical guidelines already reflect our way of doing business".

ACA's international code of ethics was developed by ACA to increase the public's knowledge on the debt collection sector and to improve the relationship between clients and members of the sector. All of ACA's members must abide by the association's stringent code of ethics before they can apply for membership. This mandatory code of ethics establishes minimum standards of practice, such as treating consumers with consideration and respect, communicating with honesty and integrity and promptly responding to complaints. The complete code of ethics can be viewed online at http://www.acainternational.org/about-ethicscode-of-conduct-12909.aspx.

DAT-Consultancy has streamlined its procedures along ACA's ethical code, and will continue offering its customers and clients a transparent and professional solution to any debt conflict. As Mr. Van der Sande concludes; "This has been an important step for DAT-Consultancy, but will yield even more result for our customers".

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