Bank Loans Rise Rp5 Tn per Week    
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Source : Viva News

(VIVAnews/Nurcholis Anhari Lubis)

VIVAnews – Bank Indonesia recorded that the average growth of banking loans per week until April 2011 reached Rp5 trillion. As a result, the improve in loans within the last four months this year hit 23.8 percent compared to last year.

“Loans roughly increase by Rp5 trillion every week. The growth is still in line with banks' business plans,” said BI Deputy Governor, Muliaman D. Hadad.

BI stated that the rise has caused banks' Loan Deposit Ratio (LDR) has exceeded 78 percent. In addition, such a growth will not be resulted in overheating. “I believe there will be no overheating as we also have LDR measurement ranging to between 78 percent and 100 percent,” said Muliaman.

As per April 2011, banks have channeled Rp1,819 trillion of loans, a 23.8 percent increase compared to last year’s same period of Rp1,469 trillion. The gain in third party funds reached Rp2,318 trillion. Muliaman said that the growth in banking credit may touch more than 25 percent under the circumstance that credit applications are as much as today is.

As for loan rate, BI keeps on monitoring banks following the issued policy on prime lending rate after the recently issued policy of Basic Mortgage Interest (SBDK). BI sees the decrease in prime lending rate.

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