Industry News

January 2015

Date Title
23-01-2015 UK individual debtors owe 12 weeks wages
23-01-2015 Bankruptcy reforms change low-value debt recovery
14-01-2015 Leicester City Council writes off 3 Million Pounds of debt
09-01-2015 Debt buyer will seek to vacate 4,500 judgments, pay $675K to settle AG suit
04-01-2015 State expects $10M from new debt collections office

July 2014

Date Title
15-07-2014 UK Regulator Imposes Caps on Payday Loans
13-07-2014 Companies That Offer Help With Student Loans Are Often Predatory, Officials Say
13-07-2014 RBI throws spanner in AP government's loan sop
10-07-2014 Ace Cash Express Settles Debt Collection Claims
03-07-2014 Court To Payday-Lending 'Bullies': You Can't Touch This

Jun 2014

Date Title
13-06-2014 Obama Uses Power Of The Pen To Address Student Debt
12-06-2014 Why A Student ID Shouldn't Double As A Credit Card
12-06-2014 BMW Places 800 Million Yuan Auto Loan ABS in China
03-06-2014 Top 50 loan defaulters to face action
03-06-2014 Strict law on anvil for wilful defaulters

May 2014

Date Title
19-05-2014 Student loan debt makes graduate net worth 7 times lower than non-borrowers
18-05-2014 Non-performing loans remain the key challenge
15-05-2014 Higher-Yielding Bank Debt Draws Interest
15-05-2014 HMRC tax debt recovery proposals raise concerns
15-05-2014 Cross-border debt recovery made easier
13-05-2014 Student loan debt increases $31 billion to $1.1 trillion
07-05-2014 China must resolve its bad loans, not disguise them
07-05-2014 New York Fines Two Firms Over Debt Collection

April 2014

Date Title
20-04-2014 Managing expectations in recovery will be a difficult task
17-04-2014 Law firm’s revised debt-collection letter results in $49.5K settlement of federal class action
15-04-2014 Farm Debt-to-Asset Ratios Lowest in 20 Years – ERS
15-04-2014 Social Security stops trying to collect on old debts by seizing tax refunds
14-04-2014 Changes make it easier to recover debt
09-04-2014 IMF warns on rising debt levels
08-04-2014 China says bad loans may rebound in 2014 but still under control
03-04-2014 GH Bank sees NPL rate climb, seeks to keep it under 6.5%

March 2014

Date Title
23-03-2014 Emerging Europe - the new hunting ground for bad loan investors
23-03-2014 NPL handling is key to banks’ future
20-03-2014 Debt Collector Harassment a Serious Problem
20-03-2014 Debt collector's Wells victim welcomes victory in court
17-03-2014 Big drop in unsecured debt sales by EU banks
16-03-2014 UCD hiring debt collectors to chase outstanding fees
04-03-2014 Arrow Global to assess new debt purchase sectors
04-03-2014 Harassing debt collectors can be stopped

February 2014

Date Title
26-02-2014 Bank NPL reduction linked to AMCON, improved risk management
25-02-2014 Increased loan recovery, relaxed rules cut defaults
25-02-2014 Small banks’ NPL ratio improves to 7.33% in Sept
18-02-2014 Student debt may hurt housing recovery by hampering first-time buyers
15-02-2014 Government's debt collection rapped
08-02-2014 Small firms welcome debt recovery plans
08-02-2014 Americans celebrate economic recovery with debt — lots of debt

January 2014

Date Title
31-01-2014 AP high court directs DCHL to deposit one crore with Debts Recovery Tribunal
23-01-2014 Santander Consumer Shares Rise in Debut
23-01-2014 insideARM Summit Keynote Draws Blueprint for Debt Collection Compliance Management
22-01-2014 Zombie businesses lurch towards recovery
16-01-2014 Where Faith And Student Debt Intersect
14-01-2014 Auto Loans Bring Growth, and Scrutiny, for Banks
14-01-2014 CFPB Extends Deadline for Comments on its Debt Collection Rulemaking Proposal
08-01-2014 Consumer Debt Grows at Slowest Pace in 6 Months

December 2013

Date Title
27-12-2013 Former U.S. Bank Manager Pleads Guilty to Accepting Illegal Bribes from Debt Collectors
08-12-2013 Debt Collection Employee, Son-In-Law Sentenced to Prison for Identity Theft
07-12-2013 Turkey limits consumer loans out of fear for current deficit
07-12-2013 Cut interest rates, write debt off.
05-12-2013 It’s happening; George Osborne admits Tories will privatize student loans
01-12-2013 Debt collection rules may change

November 2013

Date Title
27-11-2013 Chinese bad loan manager Cinda sits on its own debt mountain
25-11-2013 Canadians carrying more debt than a year ago, but many are getting better at paying it back: study
25-11-2013 Card loans, new accounts hit five-year highs: Equifax
21-11-2013 RBI raises concerns about banks loans, debt recovery
13-11-2013 Undergrads around the world face student loan debt
12-11-2013 Occupy’s plan to cancel consumer debt has been a big success so far
04-11-2013 Why debt collectors should not 'friend' debtors on facebook

October 2013

Date Title
25-10-2013 £900m student loans sold to debt collectors: Move prompts fears students from 1990s who now face financial problems could be hou
24-10-2013 Why the huge write-off by China banks is positive
21-10-2013 New York regulator proposes strict new standards for debt collection
16-10-2013 Bank of America swings to a profit
14-10-2013 Credit default rates increase nationally
09-10-2013 Minnesota announces action to shut down debt collection agencies
03-10-2013 Payment processor agrees to pay fine for illegal debt-collection fees
01-10-2013 Student loan default rates rise for sixth year

September 2013

Date Title
26-09-2013 Malaysia Debuts Longest Bonds in Funding Push: Southeast Asia
25-09-2013 Debt Collectors Using Terrible New Tactic Get Fined $1 Million
22-09-2013 Five-year mortgage fixes start to rise
17-09-2013 Exclusive: Foreign banks to provide upfront loans for Indian dollar deposits
17-09-2013 Credit card defaults on the rise along with job losses
12-09-2013 Woman’s 15 debt collection lawsuits settled after consolidation
06-09-2013 The student loan bubble is starting to burst

August 2013

Date Title
29-08-2013 Gov't Urging 25% of U.S. Workforce to Strive for Student Loan Forgiveness
28-08-2013 Consumer bureau: Too few use loan forgiveness
28-08-2013 Credit Card Balances Increase Year-Over-Year for the First Time in 5 Years
23-08-2013 OCC Announces EverBank Agrees to Pay $37 Million to Customers, $6.3 Million to Housing Assistance Groups
22-08-2013 Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey Have Most Expensive Auto Loans in United States, Finds GoBankingRates.com
20-08-2013 Reporting unpaid student loans to credit bureau will actually make students “happy”, says Education Ministry
15-08-2013 Debt Collection Company Owes W.Va. Mom $10 Million

July 2013

Date Title
07-07-2013 For Europe's Debt Collectors, More Work Isn't Paying Off
04-07-2013 Banks turn to individual borrowers on low corporate demand
04-07-2013 Malaysia's household debt not at worrying level
02-07-2013 Mortgage loans on the rise

June 2013

Date Title
15-06-2013 The Mobile Store to offer EMI option through debit cards
12-06-2013 CIMB Bank proposes RM10b debt notes
07-06-2013 U.S. consumers increased borrowing by $11.1 billion in April

May 2013

Date Title
14-05-2013 Consumer debt resumes decline in first quarter: NY Fed
13-05-2013 Andersen to Discuss Global Collections at World Credit Event
08-05-2013 Overall Borrowing Sees Uptick; Credit Card Debt Falls

April 2013

Date Title
12-04-2013 China bank loans twice as much in March
10-04-2013 CIMB Thai sees lower loan growth
09-04-2013 EU investigation to probe Mastercard fees
09-04-2013 CIMB Thai sees Q1 8pc loan growth
09-04-2013 U.S. Home Price Rise May Cut FHA Shortfall in Obama Budget
08-04-2013 Goldman Sachs Targets Small Loans in Yield Hunt: Credit Markets
05-04-2013 Maybank aims for higher SME loan growth this year
03-04-2013 BSN aims for 17% loan growth this year (Updated)

March 2013

Date Title
13-03-2013 Italy three-year debt cost at 2013 high after downgrade
09-03-2013 US probing top banks over faulty debt collection
08-03-2013 Court Bans Auto Loan Firm From Debt-Relief Business
05-03-2013 Card Limits Fall as Americans in Collections System Sets Record
01-03-2013 Late Payments Rise Even as Average Credit Card Debt Falls
01-03-2013 Loan demand robust in January

February 2013

Date Title
20-02-2013 Credit Card Delinquency Rate Rises in Q4
12-02-2013 Mortgage Delinquency Rate Continues Slide
06-02-2013 MBSB eyes new product for foreign property buyers

January 2013

Date Title
30-01-2013 Aeon Credit to increase credit card holders by 50,000
22-01-2013 Mortgage Lending Rebounds on Fed-Fueled Recovery
05-01-2013 Plan for mega Islamic bank
04-01-2013 Mortgage agreements made simple with BNM's new rule

December 2012

Date Title

September 2011

Date Title
08-09-2011 Bad debts account for 3.04pct of total outstanding loans as of August
05-09-2011 Property loans to keep lead
02-09-2011 Korea July household debt delinquency ratio climbs

August 2011

Date Title
25-08-2011 Mortgage Delinquencies Rise with Recession Fears
23-08-2011 Bad debts account for 3.04pct of total outstanding loans as of August
23-08-2011 Auto loan delinquencies fall again in 2nd quarter
18-08-2011 Credit Card Delinquencies at 17 Year Low
17-08-2011 Seattle Area Sees Mortgage Delinquency Grow
03-08-2011 Bad loans grow fastest in five years
02-08-2011 Cosmos Bank posts highest bad loan ratio
02-08-2011 Nigeria: Intercontinental Bank Targets N600 Billion Recapitalization
01-08-2011 Abu Dhabi to give AED2.3bn in home loans to Emiratis
01-08-2011 UAE's largest bank sees bad loans rising in 2011

July 2011

Date Title
25-07-2011 Banks' NPL ratio lowest since 1997 financial crisis
17-07-2011 Home loan fees waived on early settlement
13-07-2011 Korea's household loans soar in June
13-07-2011 Bank Loans Rise Rp5 Tn per Week
07-07-2011 SME Bank on target for RM1.5 B loan dispersal
07-07-2011 BCA to lose 300,000 credit card customers
07-07-2011 Consumer defaults high
06-07-2011 SBI to crack whip on wilful defaulters to pare bad debts
02-07-2011 Local banks face risk exposure to home loans – Channel New
01-07-2011 UCO Bank launches loan center for SMEs

June 2011

Date Title
21-06-2011 SBI aims to tackle bad loans and Improve asset quality
13-06-2011 Orissa banks show poor loan recovery in key poverty schemes
11-06-2011 Banks’ April NPL ratio improves
11-06-2011 Vietnam Banks' bad debt stands at 3pct but still in check: deputy Governor
07-06-2011 CBRC Lowers NPL Requirement for Small Firms to Boost Lending
05-06-2011 Vietnam Development Bank credit up 20%
03-06-2011 Banks write-off $45m in loans
03-06-2011 Chinese banks prepared for possible bad loan rises
02-06-2011 SCB steps up loan target
01-06-2011 Banks still writing off loans, SC told

May 2011

Date Title
24-05-2011 Central bank warns of rising bad loans from credit card debt refinancing
19-05-2011 Higher Cost of Living to Increase Bad Debt
12-05-2011 Bad debt spike is banks' biggest risk
09-05-2011 Banking on more bad debts
09-05-2011 Higher provisions towards pension liabilities and non-performing assets have impacted Union Bank of India's net profit
04-05-2011 CGC: Non-performing loans of SMEs on high side
03-05-2011 Non-performing loans grow to Rs562 billion
03-05-2011 RBI ups provisioning on select types of non-performing loans
02-05-2011 India urges lenders to increase farm lending
01-05-2011 Big banks’ non-performing loans increasing fast
01-05-2011 China banks ordered to "properly handle" mortgage loans
01-05-2011 Central bank tells banks to closely monitor lending

April 2011

Date Title
26-04-2011 Big banks’ non-performing loans increasing fast
11-04-2011 Banks’ bad loan ratio eases on brisker lending growth
11-04-2011 Bank loans post double-digit growth to P2.34 trillion in February
11-04-2011 Banks' NPL ratio drops below 3%
04-04-2011 Only 14% of newly delinquent Bank of America mortgages qualify for HAMP
04-04-2011 Small banks have their backs against the wall
03-04-2011 Unpaid home loans rise to $20m
02-04-2011 Maritime Bank to prioritize loans for core business projects
02-04-2011 Loan delinquencies fall 14%
01-04-2011 COMMENTARY: Property bubbles and bank non-performing loans
01-04-2011 Islamic Bank of Thailand shifts focus on retail
01-04-2011 Vietnam’s payment card market most dynamic

May 2011

Date Title
24-05-2011 Central bank warns of rising bad loans from credit card debt refinancing
19-05-2011 Higher Cost of Living to Increase Bad Debt
12-05-2011 Bad debt spike is banks' biggest risk
09-05-2011 Banking on more bad debts
09-05-2011 Higher provisions towards pension liabilities and non-performing assets have impacted Union Bank of India's net profit
04-05-2011 CGC: Non-performing loans of SMEs on high side
03-05-2011 Non-performing loans grow to Rs562 billion
03-05-2011 RBI ups provisioning on select types of non-performing loans
02-05-2011 India urges lenders to increase farm lending
01-05-2011 Big banks’ non-performing loans increasing fast
01-05-2011 China banks ordered to "properly handle" mortgage loans
01-05-2011 Central bank tells banks to closely monitor lending

April 2011

Date Title
26-04-2011 Big banks’ non-performing loans increasing fast
11-04-2011 Banks’ bad loan ratio eases on brisker lending growth
11-04-2011 Bank loans post double-digit growth to P2.34 trillion in February
11-04-2011 Banks' NPL ratio drops below 3%
04-04-2011 Only 14% of newly delinquent Bank of America mortgages qualify for HAMP
04-04-2011 Small banks have their backs against the wall
03-04-2011 Unpaid home loans rise to $20m
02-04-2011 Maritime Bank to prioritize loans for core business projects
02-04-2011 Loan delinquencies fall 14%
01-04-2011 COMMENTARY: Property bubbles and bank non-performing loans
01-04-2011 Islamic Bank of Thailand shifts focus on retail
01-04-2011 Vietnam’s payment card market most dynamic

March 2011

Date Title
14-03-2011 Indonesia's Islamic bank assets forecasted to grow by 55%
13-03-2011 CIMB Niaga’s credit card holders grow 45%
10-03-2011 SC warns legal action if loans not recovered
10-03-2011 ICBC anticipates growth in consumer loans
10-03-2011 Early referral of debt cases vital, says AGC
10-03-2011 Debt Collection & Pension Safety under scrutiny
07-03-2011 Bank loans in 2010 expand to RM883.6b
01-03-2011 Bank loans up 16.1% year-on-year in January 2011
01-03-2011 Vietnam loan growth slows as dong lending slips

February 2011

Date Title
18-02-2011 Financial Institutions Optimistic About Consumer Lending
15-02-2011 Banks' loan default rates declines in Bangladesh
15-02-2011 Turkey’s Central Bank Pauses Cuts, Tracks Lending
10-02-2011 Thai SCB expects 2011 lending up 10-12 pct
07-02-2011 Vietnam bank loans to double by 2013
04-02-2011 Malaysian banking sector anticipate loans growth
04-02-2011 Bank of America to Create Troubled Loans Unit
03-02-2011 EON Bank anticipate increase in car loans
01-02-2011 Global spending on retail banking to increase 24% in 2015
01-02-2011 Credit card receivables up 2.9% as of Sept. 2010

January 2011

Date Title
27-01-2011 Lending surge and fewer bad debts to boost big banks
07-01-2011 Banks scale down costs
06-01-2011 Local banks boost up lending for consumption
05-01-2011 BNI announces micro loans for migrant workers
05-01-2011 Vietnam SMEs to struggle to access bank loans in 2011
04-01-2011 Banks 'may ease lending criteria for SMEs'
04-01-2011 Banking sector records highest loans growth since Asian financial crisis
03-01-2011 State pension fund sees P2b gain from amnesty
03-01-2011 DBS Indonesia to focus on SMEs
01-01-2011 Australian mortgage delinquencies increase
01-01-2011 Banks warned against risky lending

December 2010

Date Title
29-12-2010 Foreclosures rise in Q3 as fewer people get help
27-12-2010 Foreign bank branches to face lending restrictions in 2011
25-12-2010 Lending growth outpaces 22% forecast by Indonesian banks
25-12-2010 Bangkok Bank expects 5-7% loan growth
18-12-2010 Spain's Bad Loan Ratio Hits Highest Level in 14 Years
17-12-2010 Default Swaps Soar on `Sacrosanct' Senior Europe Bank Debt: Credit Markets
17-12-2010 Bank Rakyat issues 7,000 microcredit loans to SMEs
16-12-2010 Banks More Likely to Agree SME Loans
14-12-2010 Lenders Meet May Offer Respite to Troubled MFIs
10-12-2010 Bharti AXA targets Rs 80-cr premium from east in 2011
06-12-2010 Bangkok Bank Sees Bigger 2011 Loan Growth
03-12-2010 ICICI Bank Terminates Special Mortgage Offer
02-12-2010 Bank Rakyat Indonesia Seeks Mid-Sized Lender for Micro-Loan Expansion
01-12-2010 Awang Adek : Credit card bankrupts are not all young

November 2010

Date Title
30-11-2010 Ethical Code in Debt Collection Encouraged by DAT-Consultancy
29-11-2010 Card Delinquency Rate Falls In Third Quarter: TransUnion
26-11-2010 Credit card lending grows by 13.2%
25-11-2010 Drastic Rate Hikes Not Best Way to Deal With Inflationary Pressures, Says MARC
24-11-2010 India Households Buy Most Tax-Exempt Debt Since 2002
24-11-2010 PTPTN writes off RM59m loans to top students
24-11-2010 Default Swaps Soar on `Sacrosanct' Senior Europe Bank Debt: Credit Markets
24-11-2010 Credit Card Charge-Off Rates Fall Again: Moody's
23-11-2010 Irish debt concerns knock shares and euro
23-11-2010 Acca Lauds Bursa’s Sustainability Program
23-11-2010 Microfinance Can Be New Focus In Islamic Finance
23-11-2010 HSBC Amanah to Open 26 Branches By 2013
23-11-2010 BSN Grants Flexibility To Micro Finance Borrowers In Kedah And Perlis To Defer Monthly Payments
23-11-2010 Irish Republic banks 'for sale'
23-11-2010 State Suspends Debt Collector’s License Because of Lender
23-11-2010 With MERS Under Fire, A Rival Debt Registry Says It Can Do Better
22-11-2010 CIMB Group Makes Rm2.643 Billion Net Profit For 9 Months Fy10 Announces Rm1 Billion Special Dividend
22-11-2010 Malaysia Has Capability To Withstand Inflows Of Hot Money, Says Zeti
22-11-2010 U.S. Consumers Heading to the Mall
22-11-2010 CRISIL puts India microfinance firms on negative watch
22-11-2010 Debt counselling agency targets young
22-11-2010 Caution on retail lending; warning comes as household debt surges
22-11-2010 Malaysian Economy Continues Growth Trajectory With 5.3 Per Cent GDP Expansion In Q3
22-11-2010 National Home Loan Delinquencies Experience Largest Quarterly Decline Since Fourth Quarter of 2006
19-11-2010 China moves again to control inflation
19-11-2010 New financing products, stronger demand boost RCE bottomline by 65%
17-11-2010 Clean Slate For '11 Motivates Troubled Loan Sales
10-11-2010 IT Inc to fight for $12 bn deal
08-11-2010 Credit Card Balances Will Keep Rising
03-11-2010 Measures in Promoting a Stable and Sustainable Property Market and Sound Financial and Debt Management of Households

October 2010

Date Title
30-10-2010 In India, greed creeps into microlending, critics say
29-10-2010 Malaysia Banking System Well-Capitalised
28-10-2010 Bank Negara To Implement Measures To Curb Level Of Household Debt
25-10-2010 Parsing the Household Debt Load
13-10-2010 PayPal Shuns Debt Collectors, Until Needed
07-10-2010 Citigroup Sells $1.6B In Retail Card Assets To GE
07-10-2010 Most Credit-Line Cuts Came From Inactive Accounts: Moody's
06-10-2010 Eaton Vance Sets Up In Asia, Plans to Source Bank Loans
05-10-2010 HDFC Bank Raises Key Lending Rate by 25 bps
05-10-2010 LIAM sees 20% growth this year
04-10-2010 DBS Eyes 20-30% Assets Growth in Big Asia Markets
04-10-2010 FTC Seeks To Clarify Federal Law On "Deceased Debt" Collections

September 2010

Date Title
30-09-2010 Maybank to Boost Islamic Finance ops in Indonesia
29-09-2010 SCB helps SMEs find funds
24-09-2010 Need to Establish Asian Banking Framework
03-09-2010 Ratings Cut Not a Problem, Vietnam Banks Say
03-09-2010 Most Delinquent Mortgages Not Going To Collections

August 2010

Date Title
24-08-2010 Pakistan National Bank Net Income Rises 80 Percent on Lower Debt Provision
18-08-2010 Indonesia: New Policy on Settlement of Non-Performing Loans by Indonesian State-Owned
18-08-2010 Late Mortgage Payments Jump In Q2
11-08-2010 Banks Still Hampered By Bad Debts
11-08-2010 New RMB loans reach $73.82bln in July

July 2010

Date Title
27-07-2010 CIMB to Give Update on Seasam’s Stake Salme
27-07-2010 Westpac Seeks to Raise $3 Billion From Sale of Three, Five-Year Debt
27-07-2010 Krung Thai strives to meet NPL standards
23-07-2010 Banks Try to Clean Books Through Settlements, NPA Sales
19-07-2010 SBI leads banks on tri-strategy for airline debt

June 2010

Date Title
28-06-2010 Insurance: Addressing the challenges of premium collection
07-06-2010 Asian Banking in The New World Order
03-06-2010 Citigroup Restructures U.S. Consumer Finance Business, Closing 330 Branches
03-06-2010 Banking Sector Gains Momentum With Loans Growth
02-06-2010 Rating Agencies See Bank NPA Levels Rising in FY11

May 2010

Date Title
30-05-2010 ‘UAE Banks to Book 10% of Domestic NPLs’
19-05-2010 Now, Recovery Agents Target HR Depts With Staff Complaints
10-05-2010 IOB: High NPA and Slow Business Growth

April 2010

Date Title
21-04-2010 PNB Bad Loans Highest Among PSU Banks;Up 3-Fold in 9 Months
09-04-2010 Now, Loan Defaulters Can Run But Not Hide
02-04-2010 Bank Mandiri, BNI Expect Recovery of Indonesia's Bad Debts to Swell Profits

March 2010

Date Title
20-03-2010 APRA Review of The Australian Banking System, 2009
18-03-2010 Linvietbank to Play With The Bigboys
17-03-2010 BIBD Offers to Buy Credit Card Debts
17-03-2010 Credit Card Debt Doubles in Less Than Four Years
16-03-2010 National Bank of Pakistan Aims to Tap ‘War Chest’ of Bad Debts

February 2010

Date Title
19-02-2010 Bad Loans Ratio Improves to Pre-Asian Crisis Level
05-02-2010 NZ Banks Emerging From Recession Gloom Despite Bad Debt Pains
04-02-2010 Regulation Driving Banks Bananas
02-02-2010 Foreign firms see potential in Russia’s bad debt market

January 2010

Date Title
19-01-2010 China Banking Regulator Orders Studied Lending by Commercial Banks
18-01-2010 Chase Cards Unit Reports $306 Million Q4 Loss
13-01-2010 Australian Banks Risk More Bad-Debt Losses in 2010, Fitch Says
08-01-2010 S'pore Banks Unlikely to See Significant Pickup in Loans Growth
06-01-2010 Asia/Pacific Banking Consolidation to Gather Pace In 2010

March 2008

Date Title
01-03-2008 Wait, there's less - a $30m laundering charge
01-03-2008 Accused earned $3000 in 13 years, but finds $5m for bail

February 2008

Date Title
29-02-2008 $5m bail for tax scam charge
16-02-2008 Pakistani Banks Borrow from Central Bank in Tight Market
16-02-2008 EXCLUSIVE: Debt Offerings Near $1.7 Billion
13-02-2008 Oman's Bank Muscat Eyes First Pakistan Bank Buyout
12-02-2008 The Credit Crunch: Implications and Changes Required
02-02-2008 ANALYSIS: Card Charge-offs Rise 15% in 3rd Quarter

November 2007

Date Title
30-11-2007 Housing, Credit Markets May Hurt Economy
30-11-2007 Mortgage Borrowers Feel Brunt of Credit Crunch
29-11-2007 Survey Paints a Dim UK Debt Picture
29-11-2007 Foreclosures Nearly Double Again in October
29-11-2007 GDP Grew 4.9%, Above Estimates; New-Home Sales Rise
28-11-2007 Bank Profits Fall 25% in Third Quarter
28-11-2007 ANALYSIS: Mortgage Charge-offs and Delinquencies Soar
28-11-2007 ANALYSIS: Consumer Loan Charge-offs Jump 27% in Q3
27-11-2007 HSBC US bad debt exposure $3.4bn
27-11-2007 Bank Niaga Hopeful of Taking 5th Place in Credit-Card Market
26-11-2007 US Sub-Prime Crisis Hits Algeria
19-11-2007 Malaysian CIMB looks to RI for future growth
19-11-2007 Dubai May Buy into US Banks after Mortgage Crisis
16-11-2007 Trade Group Forecasts Growth in U.K. Debt
16-11-2007 Credit Losses 'May Reach $400bn'
16-11-2007 Credit Union Card Portfolio Sales Continue at Steady Pace
16-11-2007 Credit Counseling Business Booming
16-11-2007 Credit Card Spending Soars in August
15-11-2007 Outlook Remains Bleak for Housing Lenders
15-11-2007 Amlak to offer leading Islamic mortgage finance solutions in Jordan
14-11-2007 Bank Warns of Economic Slowdown
14-11-2007 Islamic Banking to Surge 50% in Two Years
14-11-2007 Conference Report: Card Industry under Increased Scrutiny
13-11-2007 Card Securitizations Should Remain Strong Despite Mortgage Problems
13-11-2007 Malaysia’s Islamic Capital Market Leads The Way
12-11-2007 Visa to Pay AmEx $2.25 Billion in Settlement
12-11-2007 Banks Face Prospect of Huge Writedowns
11-11-2007 UAE Banks Shrug Off US Bank Woes
08-11-2007 U.K. Bankruptcies Down as Banks Deny More Card Applicants
08-11-2007 Islamic Banking in Pakistan Set to Get Major Boost
08-11-2007 From Emergence to Innovation
06-11-2007 No Subprime Crunch for Islamic Banking BANKING MATTERS
05-11-2007 Consumer Loans Business Takes a Gentler Curve
01-11-2007 Recession Inevitable, Card Charge Offs to Rise: Analyst

October 2007

Date Title
31-10-2007 Banks Be Watchful of Loan Defaults, No Overheating
30-10-2007 Malaysia May Issue More Licences to Foreign Banks
29-10-2007 Top Card Issuers’ Charge-Offs Rise 19% in Q3
26-10-2007 Newly Available Debt Portfolios Include $600 Million Sale
25-10-2007 State to Hear Debt Purchaser Notification Bill
22-10-2007 Credit Crunch Is 'Opportunity'
20-10-2007 UK Banks Are Reining Back Their Credit Card Services
19-10-2007 Card Spending Grows 8.1% in August
15-10-2007 Credit Card Spending Rise Supports TowerGroup Report
15-10-2007 Moody’s: August Charge Offs Rise but Cards Remain Strong
12-10-2007 EXCLUSIVE: Current Debt Offerings Top $2.2 Billion
11-10-2007 Debt Collection Industry Grows As Crisis Bites
11-10-2007 Mortgage Lending Drops
10-10-2007 Subprime Will Be Back: Analyst
10-10-2007 Helping the Markets Weather the Credit Crunch
10-10-2007 Danamon Signs Deals With Top Developers
10-10-2007 BRI Getting Serious About Apartment Mortgages
10-10-2007 Hong Leong Pre-tax Profit Up 15 Pct To RM986 Mln
10-10-2007 Collectors Must Keep Eye on Bank Mergers
10-10-2007 AmBank To Sell NPLs For RM330 Mln
10-10-2007 IMF: US-caused global credit squeeze may threaten world economy
10-10-2007 Mortgage Applications Slip 2.7% Last Week
10-10-2007 UK Debt Part IV: Plastic Spending Mounts
10-10-2007 UK Debt Part III: Parents Take Banker’s Role for Adult Children
09-10-2007 Student Loans Unfazed by Subprime Mortgage Mess
08-10-2007 UAE Consumer Loans Soar
08-10-2007 Financial Turmoil 'May Continue'
05-10-2007 Pakistan's Islamic Banking Industry Attracts RS 55 Billion Investment
03-10-2007 Calls by Credit Association for Change in Legislation to Tackle UK Debt Crisis
03-10-2007 FTC Sues Debt Program Marketers
02-10-2007 Saudi Mega Projects Hit by Credit Crunch
01-10-2007 Citigroup Earnings to Fall 60% on Loan Problems

Sept 2007

Date Title
28-09-2007 State Lenders to Write Off Some SME Loans to Help Boost Sector
27-09-2007 Banks Reducing Credit in the UK
26-09-2007 ABA Says Card Delinquencies See Little Change
23-09-2007 Loan Officers Tightened Mortgage Standards
21-09-2007 Bank Niaga Signs Mortgage Agreement
21-09-2007 Malaysian Banks Not Affected By U.S Subprime Crisis
21-09-2007 UK Collector Association Launches Debt Manifesto
19-09-2007 UK Consumer Debt Rises as Card Debt Plateaus
17-09-2007 Australians Ringing Up More Card Debt
15-09-2007 Consumer Credit Growth Slows in Sept; Credit Cards Lead the Way
13-09-2007 UK Debt Part II: Foreclosures, Rate Hikes, High Prices Don’t Stop Borrowers
10-09-2007 RM1 Bln To Be Given As Micro Loans Next Year
06-09-2007 Debt Collection Industry Grows
05-09-2007 UK Consumers Get Deeper in the Red, Part I
04-09-2007 Rise in Credit Card Fraud Losses is Fuelled by Increased Fraud on Card Use Overseas.
03-09-2007 Chase Reports Higher Income, Revenues and Provision for Losses

August 2006

Date Title
27-08-2006 Corporate Bankruptcies Trending Higher, New Report Contends
26-08-2006 Credit cards that hurt your credit score
25-08-2006 More and More Consumers Use Visa to Make Small Purchases
24-08-2006 Rising Consumer Debt Tied to Credit Ease
22-08-2006 Columnist Extols the Virtue of Paying Your Debts
22-08-2006 Small-Business Owners Use More Credit
20-08-2006 Economist: Cards Fuel Spending Despite Rising Costs
15-08-2006 Collector Turnover Continues to Plague Debt Buyer
15-08-2006 Basel II: March deadline impracticable
14-08-2006 ARM Industry in UK Sees Explosive Growth
09-08-2006 Collection Software Market Put at $700 million by 2010

July 2006

Date Title
29-07-2006 Collectors Come in For Criticism in New Credit Card Report
19-07-2006 Indonesia: Consolidation not likely under “single presence”
19-07-2006 Government Insights Predicts Open Source Software Will Grow Fastest in Government Sector
15-07-2006 Gas Prices, Interest Rates Lead to Higher Credit Card Delinquencies
09-07-2006 Indian Bank's new initiatives picking up
06-07-2006 N.Y. Passes Bill Ending ‘Universal Default’ for Credit Card Issuers
03-07-2006 Late Payments in Most Consumer Loan Categories Improve While Credit Card Delinquencies Rise

June 2006

Date Title
26-06-2006 Unemployment Key to Mortgage Defaults, Expert Says
26-06-2006 Utility Bills A Low Priority for Money-Crunched Consumers
20-06-2006 Payments Risks on the Rise
19-06-2006 Bankruptcy Law's Counseling Provision isn't Working, Critics Say
19-06-2006 Outsourced Contact Centers Continue to Promise Business Benefits and Market Growth
15-06-2006 Kaulkin Index Reaches Six-Year High as Bankruptcies Tumble
15-06-2006 County Hires Collection Agencies to Go After Very Old Debts
14-06-2006 Consumer Borrowing Rises 6.5% in June
09-06-2006 BI pushes banks to meet Basel II accord targets
05-06-2006 People Continue Paying Down Credit Card Debt

May 2006

Date Title
31-05-2006 Bad loans may cost China $220 bln: Fitch
26-05-2006 Barclays sees rising bad debt
15-05-2006 Indian Banks record varied performance for FY2006
08-05-2006 Indonesian Bank`s Service Improves Despite Profit Decline
07-05-2006 Danamon banks on Microcredit
05-05-2006 On the path to a High Credit Score
03-05-2006 Discover Card Ranked #1 for Online Customer Experience in the Credit Card Industry
03-05-2006 Non Performing Loan Market Activity Reaches 20-year High
02-05-2006 The Year of Growth for BII in Indonesia
01-05-2006 Survey Reveals that Collectors Lack Confidence In Collection Management Metrics

March / April 2006

Date Title
17-03-2006 Revenue leakage, and how to plug it
17-03-2006 Hold onto that customer
17-03-2006 Payment loopholes
17-03-2006 Sale of Pakistan Telecom finally a done deal
17-03-2006 Hattrick for Standard Chartered India
17-03-2006 CIMB and Southern. It's a deal!
17-03-2006 Student debt in South Africa is on the rise
17-03-2006 Hong Kong Seeing Benefits of Positive Data in Credit Reporting
17-03-2006 IRS announces first contracts for debt collection work
17-03-2006 Vietnam Government Drafts Decree on Debt Collection Firms
17-03-2006 JCB and MasterCard Agree to Share Common Contactless Communications Protocol
17-03-2006 Major Credit Bureaus Adopt Uniform Score
17-03-2006 Singapore Credit Bureau not catching on?
17-03-2006 Indonesia: Islamic banking faces skills shortage

February 2006

Date Title
05-02-2006 Arab banks set to smash profits record again
05-02-2006 NPL trading takes off in Germany
05-02-2006 Linux to run banks’ mainframes?
05-02-2006 Indian Credit Card Sector Plagued by Random Distribution and Bad Assets
05-02-2006 Asia Pacific Banking Industry Outlook 2006
05-02-2006 Britons in debt to the tune of £1.13 trillion

December 2005

Date Title
10-12-2005 Revised hire-purchase rates unlikely to hurt car sales
08-12-2005 Gemplus, Axalto poised to merge
07-12-2005 Celcom seeks help from Logica
07-12-2005 Firms not ready for Bank Negara disaster recovery mandates
06-12-2005 Forgiving Debts Not Enough Help for the Poor, State Official Says
06-12-2005 Rise in bad loans not a problem: China regulator
06-12-2005 More banks to raise rates
05-12-2005 Islamic bank system remains sound
05-12-2005 Why banks buying insurers
04-12-2005 Amex card offers effective way to manage T and E expenses
03-12-2005 IRS Moves Ahead with Collection Plan
03-12-2005 Credit Card Issuers Welcome the Newly Bankrupt

November 2005

Date Title
11-11-2005 Anger after Barclaycard increases credit card rates by 2%
11-11-2005 Faster, kinder approach pays for collection firm
09-11-2005 Credit cards quitting rate-bumping Game
08-11-2005 Back in Business
08-11-2005 SBI buys Indonesian bank for $6 mn
07-11-2005 Percentage of Americans with Low-cost Auto Loans Surges while Burden of Car Loans Eases
07-11-2005 Bankrate Releases Debt Management Guide
04-11-2005 Credit Card Rates Rise Slightly, More Increases on the Way
03-11-2005 Truck, Construction Repossessions Show Increase in Q3
02-11-2005 Indonesian Inflation hits six-year high
02-11-2005 GE finance unit to start bank card outsourcing
02-11-2005 Islamic Banking Represents Significant Growth Sector for Global Financial Services Industry
02-11-2005 Experian-Gallup Survey Shows Consumers Expect to Spend Less this Holiday Season
01-11-2005 UK's Ofcom Targets Silent Calls
01-11-2005 Attorney General Says Credit Card Companies Are Abusing Consumers
01-11-2005 Fed raises U.S. rates, measured hikes to continue

October 2005

Date Title
28-10-2005 Chinese bank regulator warns of bad debt challenge
27-10-2005 MasterCard Study Shows Automatic Payments Surpass Checks for First Time as Bill-Paying Method
26-10-2005 Credit Card Rates Climb, But Could See a Leveling Off
25-10-2005 Japan credit card cos form 'mobile wallet' alliance
25-10-2005 Gift Card and Online Bill Pay Soar as Consumers Embrace Electronic Payments
23-10-2005 Plastic not fantastic: U.S. card industry in revolt
21-10-2005 Citi Introduces Card with No Late Fees
19-10-2005 UK watchdog says Visa card fees anti-competitive
19-10-2005 Ministry moves to protect phone users
19-10-2005 Credit Counseling Centers of America Commits to Deliver Mandatory Credit Counseling Via StartFreshToday.com
19-10-2005 China bank lashes out at U.S. regulator's comments
17-10-2005 Businesses brace for costlier credit
16-10-2005 Small U.S. banks eye risk-based capital standards
14-10-2005 Debt collectors fined for data protection offence
12-10-2005 Visa Advances Global Payment Network
12-10-2005 Indonesian banks face higher credit risks
11-10-2005 Signs of a Slowdown Emerge in U.S. Housing Market
11-10-2005 Patriot Act Poses Risk for U.S. Financial Institutions
10-10-2005 MasterCard International Gives Businesses Instantaneous Control of Card Programs
10-10-2005 Credit Card Fees Are an Increasing Concern to American Businesses
09-10-2005 Will legislators buy rent-to-own bill?
05-10-2005 Visa International Announces US$255 Billion in Worldwide Commercial Volume
03-10-2005 IBM Japan to Offer Call Center, Web Site for Banks


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